Rotavirus is the most common cause of scouring in young calves. However vaccination using Rotavec K99 will give good protection. The benefits from using Rotavec K99 are well proven by many farmers in New Zealand providing the following are carried out.

– Rotavec K99 is used only on pregnant cows prior to calving to provide antibody rich colostrum at calving for newborn calves.

– Timing of vaccination is important. It must be carried out between 4 and 12 weeks prior to calving. Antibody levels from vaccination within 4 weeks and after 12 weeks of calving are not sufficient to give protection therefore you need to know calving dates. You may need to vaccinate your herd in 2 or more mobs.

– Suitable for beef and dairy cows.

– Calves should receive a minimum of 2 litres of colostrum from vaccinated cows in the first 6-12 hours of life and for the following 2 weeks to obtain sufficient protection.

– Separate early colostrum from first and second milking for feeding to newborn young calves for as long as possible. This colostrum contains the highest levels of protective antibodies. Avoid diluting this early colostrum for newborn calves with milk or water.

– Use the correct vaccination technique. Vaccinate 1ml of Rotavec K99 into the muscle in the anterior half of the neck.