This time of the year many children are looking after a pet lamb or a pet calf and this is a great opportunity for the youngsters to learn not only how to handle animals but also to how to look after their health. One of the most common health problems with young calves is scouring (passing soft white faeces) which leads to the loss of fluid and electrolytes from the animals body. The first and most essential remedy for calf scours is therefore the replacement of these electrolytes and the fluid. Take the calf off milk for one day and make sure that it receives plenty of electrolyte solution, which you can obtain from your local vet clinic. Gradually bring milk feeding back over the next two to three days because otherwise, the calf will start to suffer from starvation. You may continue with the electrolyte solution for some days but it should be administered separately from milk. Given together the electrolyte solution may prevent curding of milk in the calfs stomach and exacerbate the scour. Most calves will respond well to this treatment but in a few cases the scouring persists and the faeces may become red or black because of an infection. If this happens, you should seek immediate veterinary advice.