Lambs need colostrum for the first 8-12 hours. This is vital for survival and lifetime well being. At a minimum they require 3-4 feeds of approximately 100 to 200ml per lamb per feed, but if possible continue feeding colostrum for 3-4 days. The mothers own colostrum is best, however suitable alternatives include frozen colostrum saved from ewes with a single lamb, colostrum from a goat or cow, or artificial colostrum. After 24-96 hours (depending on the availability of colostrum), feeding of a suitable lamb milk replacer (such as Denkavit or Anlamb) is required. Feed at a temperature slightly above normal body heat (approximately 40 Degrees Centigrade). There is no set “recipe” for feeding, as each lamb is an individual, however a general guide is 100-200 ml and 4-6 feeds per day for the first 4 days and gradually changing this to 400-600ml and 2 feeds per day over the next 3-6 weeks. Encourage lambs to eat grass, sheep nuts, hay etc as young as possible. Obviously early weaning decreases the time required each day for feeding and by the time 6 or so weeks have passed the novelty may be wearing thin! As long as the lamb is growing well and eating an adequate amount of feed (greater than 75% of the diet) then weaning at around 6 weeks old is fine.